Maclocks Lock Security Case for MacBook Pro

Maclocks Lock Security Case for MacBook Pro
Maclocks Lock Security Case for MacBook Pro | US$69.95 |

the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display is gorgeous but not without its flaw. due to its thin form factor, Apple has forego the usual Kensington slot which is fine if you are using your MBP at home mostly but for those who bring it to work, you may need it to keep unwanted hands off your machine when you step away from it momentarily. the solution? the Maclocks Lock Security Case. it is a case with an integrated security slot that replicates what the Kensington slot offers. the bundle comprises of two parts: the ultra-thin polymer case with the security slot and a 6 feet low profile steel security cable lock. the case not only provides you with the security slot, it also doubles as a protective case for your laptop. the lower skin is designed to elevate your MBP slightly, thus achieving an improved airflow that helps in cooling down the MBP. all you have to do is to install the case, loop it up with a fixed anchorage point and link up with your case’s security slot, and your laptop will be slightly safer then before. like most security system, it may not be hundred percent theft-proof but at least it provides some form of security than none at all. the Maclocks Lock Security Case for MacBook Pro is available now with an introductory price of $69.95 each.

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