nuts about Iron Man? then you probably have amassed a slew of its official merchandise, but we bet a wireless mouse isn’t one of them. well, fret not Iron Man-natics, now you can complete your metal-clad superhero altar with this Officially Licensed Iron Man Mouse served up by Japanese firm e-Blue, otherwise known as E-3LUE (don’t ask us why). powered by a pair of AAA batteries, this gold and hot-rod red computer peripheral is crafted in the likeness of the big screen Iron Man’s mask and boast a resolution of 1,000 dpi and of course, light-up eyes. so why a mask instead of the iconic Arc Reactor? we have absolutely no idea, but logic tells us that the mask might be a better (palm) fit as a practical mouse than the puck-like LED-laden thingy. don’t you think so? no word if this awesome mouse will be made available to the USA, or to the rest of the world for that matter, but from what we hear, it will be available to the Chinese market for 699 Chinese money (or about US$113). that sticker sounds like a whole lot to pay for a regular wireless mouse, but hey, as a mouse it might be ‘regular’ but when it comes to presentation, it is not. the Officially Licensed Iron Man Mouse will come packaged in a special case that resembles the “Proof that Tony Stark has a heart” seen in the first Iron Man movie. catch the promo video after the break.

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[UPDATE May 03, 2013] for folks residing outside of China, you can now grab the e-Blue Officially Licensed Iron Man Mouse for $124.99 from Amazon.

e-Blue via Ubergizmo via PCPOP

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