Thrustmaster TH8 RS gear shifter for serious virtual driver

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Thrustmaster finally announced the long awaited gear shifter that’s compatible with its awesome T500 RS Official Playstation 3 Steering Wheel. dubbed the Thrustmaster TH8 RS, it is also the most realistic looking gear shifter in the gaming peripheral market that i have seen. the TH8 RS sports a ultra-realistic 13-centimeters (5.12-inches) gear stick with a removable knob that’s compatible with the real world universal gear shift knobs. the 100% metal construction of the internal mechanism, level, outer housing, the clamping system, along with magnetic sensor ensure that it will be robust enough to take any abuse you can throw at it. all driving simulator fans will agree that (i.e. the robustness) is one of the top priority, cos’ virtual racing could turn out to be quite a violent activity
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the TH8 RS also boast two interchangeable shift plates, one H-gate style and the other being the sequential style, to suit different driving preference. adjustability and mounting options are also in abundance for the TH8 RS to suit a variety preferences and driving setup, be it on the table tops or on dedicated cockpits. honestly, those specs didn’t draw as much attention from me to the physical gear shifter itself. call me superficial but you can’t deny it is one of the best looking gaming gear shifter to be ever made. the Thrustmaster TH8 RS Gear Shifter is slated to hit the stores this October, though no word on its pricing at this point in time but with such a beautiful design plus a whole lot of technology packed into it, don’t expect it to be realistically affordable. whatever it is, i am totally sold by its look. oh, it is also compatible with PC game steering wheel that supports multi-USB and gearboxes. wicked.

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