Get Ready For The New Flight Simulator With Thrustmaster Official Airbus Flight Sim Controllers

Flight stick and quadrant makes flight simulator even more immersive and realistic. But do you know what’s even more immersive? This: Thrustmaster TCA (Thrustmaster Civil Aviation) Official Airbus Edition.

Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller Has Impossible Levels Of Customization

When it comes to game controller, it is never one-configuration fits all. That is why there are controllers that has programmable buttons and then there is this: Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller, a game controller that has swappable modules with hot swap technology.

Here’s The New Official GT Sport Racing Wheel From Thrustmaster

Fans of “the real driving simulator,” AKA Gran Turismo, gasp! For there’s a new official GT racing steering wheel coming your way. Like the previous official GT racing wheel, this one here, called T-GT, is born out of a close collaboration between specialist game peripheral maker Thrustmaster and the creators of Gran Turismo to ensure […]

Ferrari Vibration GT Cockpit 458 Italia Edition

Xbox 360’s racing game fans now have something to rejoice. Thrustmaster, the maestro of gaming peripherals, has announced its first officially licensed cockpit for Xbox 360, complete with a built-in steering wheel and pedal set. this official Ferrari licensed cockpit is fully adjustable for both…

F1 Wireless Gamepad Ferrari 150° Italia Alonso Edition

a pricey steering wheel may not be for casual racing game fans but not too worry, as there is always the Thrustmaster F1 Wireless Gamepad Ferrari 150° Italia Alonso Edition to satisfy…

Thrustmaster Ferrari 150° Italia Racing Wheel for PC and PS3

you may not be able to use the pricey Ferrari 150° Italia Scale Steering Wheel but not all hopes are lost. if you are yearning to get closer to realism of Formula One racing, then Thrustmaster…