if you are tired of being tied down by lousy cable TV contract, then getting a streaming media player might be a good idea. unlike media player of the early days, today’s media streaming devices are pretty well-rounded and the Panasonic Streaming Media Player (DMP-MST60) is one such example. for a little under 100 bucks, you get a sleek device that offers streaming of digital contents from your Android devices (via Miracast) to your large screen HDTV, a built-in web browser for your web surfing needs, and Panasonic’s VIERA Connect that brings you the best of today’s web entertainment such as video-on-demand (VoD), Skype, online gaming, and tons of apps to keep you entertained and connected. however, the biggest draw of this unit as compared to the entry level model (DMP-MS10) is its 2D-3D Conversion capability. as the name implies, the latter’s feature allow you to watch your favorite 2D content in breathtaking 3D. other features include WiFi and Ethernet connectivity, DLNA-certified for accessing digital contents on your DLNA-certified PC or network drive from within your home network, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS 2.0 Plus Digital decoding, a USB port for playing back content from your portable hard drives or flash drives, and of course, HDMI output. the Panasonic Streaming Media Player was announced earlier this year and it is now available for purchase with a $99.99 sticker. take another look after the break.

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Panasonic DMP-MST60 Streaming Media Player

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