finally, a set of comic themed keyboard stickers for all comic geeks to decorate their MacBook. made by Killer Duck Decals, the Comic Keyboard Stickers for MacBook goes for just 12 bucks a set and brings together the best of comics’ super hero and villains together, blending alphabet and recognizable icons into them, thus allowing you MacBook to breakaway from the usual monotony of black keys. these are not those silicone skins you find in the market – they are of individual stickers that will make your MacBook keyboard geeky-cool and can be easily applied. as with all good decals, these stickers are printed on high-quality vinyl, laminated with heavy duty, semi-gloss protective layer and will not leave residue on your keys after removing them (but would you do that anyway?). additionally, these stickers will not block out the backlit of keys. though one thing you have to be aware of: these are just are merely decorative stickers, and they will not grant you or your beloved MacBook with super powers. we are sure you are totally aware of that, don’t you?

Comic Keyboard Stickers for MacBook

Killer Duck Decals via Geeky Gadgets

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