iKonex Personalize X7 Wireless Earbuds

Tired of losing your true wireless earbuds? Or maybe you are just not fond of looking like everyone else on the streets? Whatever it is, Perth-based iKonex will have you covered with iKonex X7.

iKonex K7 may be a “true wireless earbuds,” but it is not quite a bud (or buds) cos’ it has ear hooks. Definitely not as discreet as the true wireless earbuds floating around on the market, but it should be more secure than, you know, just a bud shoved into your sound holes.

iKonex Personalize X7 Wireless Earbuds

In addition to the promised of comfort and secure wear, it is the first wireless personal audio buds which you can customize with switching out the face tips. So, yay. No more looking like everyone else. Well, that’s if that’s priority.

Anywho, did we also mention that it is a dual-driver audio earbuds? It sure is, boasting 6+10 mm dual dynamic titanium drivers which is bolstered by full surround sound iKonex technology.

iKonex Personalize X7 Wireless Earbuds

iKonex Personalize X7 Wireless Earbuds uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology and it is sweat and water resistance, and comes with three sizes of memory foam ear tips to suit different size ear holes.

iKonex X7 has a claimed battery of 9 hours and like so many true wireless earbuds out there, it comes with a charging case (called power hub) that can charge the earbuds up to 6 times and it (the power hub) has support for wireless charging.

iKonex Personalize X7 Wireless Earbuds

If you are sold by the idea, you may be interested in a pre-sale campaign on Indiegogo where you can secure the iKonex Personalize X7 Wireless Earbuds for up to 50 percent off the retail price at $79.

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Depending on how soon you put in your order, delivery will happen in October to December 2019. Check out the product video below.


Images: iKonex Audio.