Imagine walking into your home and setting down your smartphone on your table, and it begins to charge. That sure sounds like something straight out of science fiction, but it is not. Formica has made it happened with its wireless charging laminate called Intentek.

Intentek Wireless Charging Surface features embedded charging coils that can wirelessly charge Qi certified devices simply by placing on the surface.

Wireless Charging Formica Laminate Surface

With over 300 Formica Brand Laminate colors, patterns and wood grains, interior designers will be able to integrate wireless charging surface to suit their ideal aesthetics.

This means, shelves, tables, countertops and whatnot can be turned into wireless charging surface without unsightly pucks or pads. Now that, my friends, is the future now.

Wireless Charging Formica Laminate Surface

Intentek Wireless Charging Surface boasts fast charge times that rival cord charging, large 2 inch by 2 inch charging zone, Qi Certified for safe and reliable wireless power transfer, and durable laminate surface that is easy to clean and maintain.

The best part about the Intentek Wireless Charging Surface? It is not a concept. It is real. Already, Friendship Brewing Company in St. Louis has adopted the technology and it has serving its customers well.

There is a caveat though. It appears that Intentek Wireless Charging Surface is only available to businesses like hospitality, entertainment, retail et cetera. But I am sure if you have the money to drop, you can ask your interior designer to have it implemented around your home.

Images: Formica.

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