P3 Guitar Amplifiers

P3 Guitar Amplifiers
(photos: P3 Amplifiers) P3 Guitar Amplifiers | from US$350.00 | p3amplifiers.com

as we progress, we tend to let go some of the good old product design look. it is a fact of life but not mandatory. nobody dictates that it should be anyway. that’s why we have this retro movement, giving classic design a new lease of life. one such example is the P3 Guitar Amplifiers, which we are sure both aspiring rockers and graduate rockers alike will appreciate its nostalgic aesthetic. though its nostalgic influence is more than just skin deep. P3 amplifiers is the result of 60 years worth of tube circuitry evolution, combined with the finest components available today and skillful craftsmen’s hand-wiring techniques, encased in military-grade aluminum enclosures for the added durability and aesthetic appeal. however, if they do ever suffer from damages, be it through overloading or being hammered by your guitar-smashing act, you can be sure that virtually every component is repairable or replaceable. P3 range of amplifiers are available through P3’s official website with a starting price of $350.

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