Android devices have been enjoying equal amount of digital contents’ doting as Apple devices, and so why should Android users resigned to watching rich media contents on a small screen? no. you really shouldn’t be and that’s why there is Plair Wireless Streaming HDMI Dongle, a nifty device that will allows you to stream photos or videos stored on your Android device to your big HDTV screen and on top of that, it can even let your stream web-based video services such as YouTube, Vimeo, College Humor and among the many others, to the big screen. the best part about the Plair is, set up is exceeding simple: all you have to do is plug it into a HDMI port, download the app onto your trusty Android device or open web app on your computer’s web browser, and start streaming away. is that easy. no unsightly set top box to ruin your beautiful interior decor and absolutely no cables to mess with – two virtues that are enough to win us over and that’s not to mention that the dongle itself is among one of the best looking one we have seen. basically, it just fulfills our checklist for any gadget procurement: sleek, stylish, easy to setup (setup, what setup?), and it just works. unfortunately, this 99 bucks device’s pre-order list is filled, but you can be in the know of the next availability by signing up to be notified, which you really should do if you are keen in securing one when the next batch is up for grab.

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