G-Case Ultimate Gaming Case for Nintendo Switch

Like smartphones and tablets, the Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED need a case to keep them in pristine condition. After all, it is a portable device. That said, if you are going to put on a case, then why not put on one that does more than protecting the device?

G-Case Ultimate Gaming Case for Nintendo Switch

The G-Case Ultimate Gaming Case for Nintendo Switch/Switch OLED is one such case. For starters, it is uber-stylish with a design inspired by Gundam (read: geeky) – complete the requisite panel lines, graphics et cetera that makes a mecha, you know, a mecha.

In addition to sprucing up the look and protecting the device, G-Case Ultimate Gaming Case for Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED is also a power source for the device.

G-Case Ultimate Gaming Case for Nintendo Switch

Armed with a modular 5,000 mAh, it offers up to 5 hours of extra playtime. It being replaceable means you can pick up an extra battery and keep it going for even longer.

And you may want to do that because the battery also doubles as a handy power bank too for other gadgets like smartphones and whatnot. Finally, each battery can be removed and recharged separately.

G-Case Ultimate Gaming Case for Nintendo Switch

The protection is not reserved for the main device; it extends to the Joy-con too. The detachable Joy-con case can, well, be detached and combined together to form one large controller.

The detachable Joy-con case is where you find the interchangeable grip. Each G-Case Ultimate Gaming Case comes with three sizes of grips to different size hands.

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Hidden away, underneath under the grip of each Joy-con case is a slot for one card storage. This means, you can carry two more games, closed to the device, while on the go.

G-Case Ultimate Gaming Case for Nintendo Switch

Last but not least, the G-Case Ultimate Gaming Case touts a foldable kickstand that allows it to be placed on a table, prop up for tabletop gaming mode, or when you are playing it on the big screen.

This brings us to an optional accessory: OneDock, a card-sized dock that lets you enjoy gaming on a large screen anywhere where there is a big screen without lugging along the bulky, original dock.

OneDock supports up to 2K 60 fps resolution. In addition, it also supports streaming on iPad Pro and smartphones. It also can keep the Switch juiced, connect it to the Internet via Ethernet, and also serves as a power brick for various USB-powered devices.

G-Case Ultimate Gaming Case for Nintendo Switch

Speaking of which, OneDock has three ports, including a 39W PD output, and USB-A ports that support USB 3.0 data transfer.

Also optionally available is a Bluetooth model featuring Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX-LL that claims to reduce audio latency to as low as 40 ms.

The G-Case Ultimate Gaming Case is available for both Nintendo Switch and the Switch OLED.

You may learn more about this wonderful accessory for Nintendo Switch on Kickstarter where you can also secure a unit by pledging for a product for as low as 540 Hong Kong dollars (about US$70).

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