A banana holder maybe a little on the frivolous side while a banana protective case is borderline preposterous. Why? Because either product was designed solely for that one fruit. A container designed specifically to keep your sub sandwich safe, however, is not.

SubSafe 3-piece Sub Sandwich Container

SubSafe, as the product is called, is real and has a very sacred purpose and that is to keep your delicious sub from turning soggy while being transported among the cold ones in a moisture-laden, icy box.

Made from the same BPA-free plastic as baby bottles, SubSafe is not only waterproof, preventing moisture from getting to your meal but it is also crushproof so that your sub will remain the form as it should when it is time for it to enter your guts.

SubSafe 3-piece Sub Sandwich Container

Even better is, it floats so, there is no worrying that it will sink to the bottom of the ocean if it went overboard on a yachting adventure.

SubSafe is a three-piece ware that thread together to contain a 6” or 12” sandwich which can also be used as a cup and a bowl.

When it is done protecting the meal that has just filled your stomach, SubSafe can be used to store non-edibles like keys, wallets, and even phones. That’s not it. In 12” form, it can actually swallow a bottle of wine whole and in its 6” form, it can serve as a cocktail shaker.

Like seriously, this thing is super versatile. On top of that, it costs just US$19.99. If that’s not enough, we were told that our readers can get a 10% discount if they use the code ZCQXP9.

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