Skyworth W82 Transformable OLED TV

Are you still on the fence deciding between a curve TV or a flat-screen TV? Well, that decision can only be settled by asking this one question: what is the maximum number of viewers you are expecting? Or you can look forward to the Skyworth W82.

Skyworth W82 Transformable OLED TV

Skyworth W82 is a transformable OLED TV that lets you have the best of both worlds – thanks to the proprietary OLED Basic Module (OBM) Transform Technology that, at a push of a button on the remote, lets you change the screen from flat to curved, and vice versa.

There are three modes to choose from, namely, gaming, movie, and custom. When gaming is chosen, the TV is curved to 1500R and it goes all out flat, at 2000R when movie mode is selected. As for custom, it lets you dictate the curvature manually.

The Skyworth W82 further features a 4K 120 Hz bezel-less panel that supports Dolby Vision, HDR10, along with Skyworth AI Picture Quality Engine and 40W sound system with built-in subwoofer known as Skyworth Audio Drum, for an immersive audio-visual experience. Here’s a brief overview of this bending tech:

“Made of anodized high-precision aluminum with a one-piece bending technique, the middle frame fits and attaches nicely with the screen, presenting a flexible screen equipped with Skyworth OBM Transform. An electric bending mechanism allows the transformable screen to perform flexing and bending movements.”

Skyworth W82 Transformable is outfitted with 1000R smart bending technology that allows the TV to adjust the curvature according to the optimal viewing distance of 3.5 m to 1 m (11.5 to 3.3 feet).

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Speaking of the curvature, W82 has a 37-piece segmented telescopic back inspired by fish scales that solves the problem of displacement of the rear cover and the screen while the TV is flexing.

We love the fish scale-shaped telescopic rear cover but I am afraid creepy crawlies like spiders and lizards will be its nemesis. Imagine these things were in between the gaps of the fish scale when it started to close in on them. Just saying…

Under the hood, a MediaTek S900 TV SoC, paired to a Mali G52 MC2 GPU, runs the clockwork backed by 8.5 GB RAM. It is worth mentioning that this TV packs quite some storage, coming in at 128 GB, and it, of course, has built-in WiFi (WiFi 6) and Bluetooth.

Finally, it has a 12 MP High Light Intake PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) AI Camera with real-time human tracking that pops out of the top of the TV when activated.

The camera boasts 3-axis automatic rotation angle adjustment (30 degrees side to side, 60 degrees up, and 14 degrees down) which makes it suitable for conference calls – if that’s what you are after.

Skyworth W82 Transformable OLED TV is a real deal that will sell for 29,999 yuan (around US$4,723) when it becomes available in China (last checked, it is not available yet).

It is not clear if it will make it to the global market.

Skyworth W82 Transformable OLED TV
Notice the non-“fish scale” section? That part does not bend.

Images: Skyworth [CH].