Pico Flex Dolly. another steady cam solution for DSLR

Pico Flex Dolly 900x600px
(photos: Photojojo) Pico Flex Dolly | US$90.00 | photographyandcinema.com

independent movies usually lack the huge funding that mainstream Hollywood movies have. which means, as an indie moviemaker, you have to work within tight budget among many other constraints but that doesn’t mean you have to live with shaky footages, unless you are thinking of remaking Blair Witch Project. thanks to innovative solution like CineSkates, and now the Pico Flex Dolly, you probably can have a pretty much shake-free footage without having to spend on pricey accessories or engaging a whole lot of crew members, which obviously translates to cost savings. the Pico Flex Dolly here features a metal dolly system, an articulated 11-inch arm and a tripod mount for your DSLR camera, allowing you to capture a smooth panning footage just like a pro. think, we don’t need to detail further how it can help you in your filmmaking. do we? and at a modest price of $90 each, you can quit using skateboards for your home movies too. a few more look after the break.
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Photojojo via Uncrate

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