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This App-enabled Turntable Spins The Stylus, Not The Vinyl Record

Personally, I thought vinyl record aficionados would not be too picky about the machine that spins the grooved plastic disc. However, if you consider yourself an avant-garde who insist in spinning vinyls on something a little inline with today’s level of technological advancement, well, then the Love Intelligent Turntable by Love Turntable Inc. might be it. Much like the remake of the Soundwagon, RokBok, we read about late last year, Love challenged the convention by not spinning the disc; instead, the device that contains the stylus and cartridge spins. But it does not travel freely on a record without a base like the RokBok; Love is governed and it has a platter too, or rather, it comes with two sizes of platter to suit any size record. Continue reading This App-enabled Turntable Spins The Stylus, Not The Vinyl Record

Iconic Museum Dial Reimagined by Yves Behar, Lives on as Movado Edge Watch

Whenever there’s an iconic product being redesigned, we cringe and brace ourselves for the worst. That’s not to say we are pessimists; we thought the ‘qualities’ that made a product iconic cannot be easily replicated, much less surpassed, but I guess we are so wrong, as proven by the Movado Edge by Yves Behar (of fuseproject), a 21st century interpretation of 20th century legendary Museum Dial by celebrated industrial designer of the 70s, Nathan George Horwitt. The magical thing about Movado Edge is, it succeeds in creating a product that feel the same, but look different, retaining the spirit of the Museum watch, while inducing it with contemporary feel. Continue reading Iconic Museum Dial Reimagined by Yves Behar, Lives on as Movado Edge Watch

Samsung And Yves Behar Teams Up To Create A TV That Looks Like An Art Piece

Does a TV needs to be designed by a famed designer? We don’t have the answer to that question, but apparently, Samsung thinks so. It has enlisted the talent of Fuseproject’s Yves Behar to create one of its Tizen-powered smart TV. Samsung has announced a few of TV sets in this year’s CES, but this particular model dreamed up by Behar, dubbed S9W, has a special place in the lineup, mainly because it was the work of art by the much revered designer of our time, Yves Behar, who was responsible for a slew of desirable products including smart lock, luxury phone and more. It the first product from the long-term partnership between Fuseproject and Samsung. For the S9W, Fuseproject conceived as an art object with the S9W curved display being the sculpture. Continue reading Samsung And Yves Behar Teams Up To Create A TV That Looks Like An Art Piece

SodaStream Play Soda Maker Machine

love the idea of creating carbonated drinks in the comfort of your home with a touch of style? well, then look forward to the SodaStream Play soda maker machine. like the original SodaStream Source, the SodaStream Play soda maker machine is also penned by celebrated designer Yves Behar and will be making its debut at designjunction at the London Design Festival, happening from September 19-22, 2013. though the current SodaStream Source is offered in different hues, the SodaStream Play takes it one step further by allowing color-customization to suit your kitchen decor, while still maintaining the functionality and minimalistic form that the original SodaStream are known for. however, the key feature remains the fact that it can be easily customized to your liking by interplaying the colors of the head and column. Continue reading SodaStream Play Soda Maker Machine

Fan TV Set-Top Box by Fanhattan

looking for ways and means to de-clutter your home entertainment system without sacrificing any of your entertainment needs? great, then Fanhattan might have something you may want to consider: the Fan TV Set-Top Box. unveiled recently at the D11, this sleek, palm-size set-top is designed in collaboration with famed designer Yves Behar and it has only one goal: to simplify your TV watching experience. that said, the Fan TV is everything: it is a live TV, a DVR, a streaming device, and it is also a device that lets you access on-demand contents. in another word, it is a box that promised to do it all. but the greatest draw (or draws) would be its minimalist, sleek-styling that makes any set-top box like a caveman’s item and its ‘into the future’ buttonless, touch-based remote. with the remote, everything is about taps and swipes, which makes it a whole lot less intimidating than a traditional do-it-all universal remote. Continue reading Fan TV Set-Top Box by Fanhattan

August Smart Lock by Yves Behar

while keyless home entry is not new, the August Smart Lock by Yves Behar is one new kid on the block that stands out aesthetically. touted as a “secure, simple, and social way to manage your home’s lock”, the August is developed by the famed designer Yves Behar, whose portfolio includes anything from pillboxes to game console to luxury mobile phone, and technology entrepreneur Jason Johnson. like most keyless entry available market, it fits over the existing deadbolt of your door and syncs with your smartphone. working along with a smartphone app via Bluetooth connectivity, August senses the presence of your phone (which hopefully is you who’s carrying it) and unlocks the door automatically for you so that you don’t have to fumble with keys when your hands are full. Continue reading August Smart Lock by Yves Behar

Sabi Vivacity Pillboxes by Yves Behar

if you have the need to pop some pills or vitamins as part of your lifestyle, there’s really no reason why you can’t do it with absolute style and the accessories that will see to the form and functionality are these cool Sabi Vivacity Pillboxes by celebrated designer Yves Behar. the collection has nearly every contraptions that most pill poppers would need, including one handy device that aid you in splitting pills (Chop, $9.99), one that smashes the pills into powdery form for easier ingestion (Crush, $9.99), a water bottle with integrated three-compartment pillbox Continue reading Sabi Vivacity Pillboxes by Yves Behar

Ouya Android Game Console

the force of Android is not to be belittled. started off as an alternative operating system to Windows, iOS, and the now defunct Symbian OS, it has since propagates to tablet, TV and soon, it might be fulfilling your gaming needs too – that’s if Ouya has its way with its yet-to-be-named Android game console, designed by Yves Behar. yes. Yves Behar, the creative mind behind beautiful gadgets like the Aesir +Yves Behar mobile phone, PEEL universal remote and among the many other things, has his hands on this $99 console. Continue reading Ouya Android Game Console

Aesir +YvesBehar is for the super rich, non smartphone user

Aesir +YvesBehar Phone - 18k Gold version 800x698px
Aesir +YvesBehar Phone | from €7,250.00 | aesir-copenhagen.com

if you one of those who never got around using a smartphone for whatever reasons, then i supposed a straightforward mobile phone will appeal to you and if you are those rich folks with extremely huge pockets, then the Aesir + YvesBehar Phone is the phone for you. no fancy touchscreens or complex navigation through menus after menus, it is back to basic of mobile communication but with a (huge) touch of extravagant exquisiteness. Continue reading Aesir +YvesBehar is for the super rich, non smartphone user