if you have the need to pop some pills or vitamins as part of your lifestyle, there’s really no reason why you can’t do it with absolute style and the accessories that will see to the form and functionality are these cool Sabi Vivacity Pillboxes by celebrated designer Yves Behar. the collection has nearly every contraptions that most pill poppers would need, including one handy device that aid you in splitting pills (Chop, $9.99), one that smashes the pills into powdery form for easier ingestion (Crush, $9.99), a water bottle with integrated three-compartment pillbox to ensure that water is always handy when you consume the pills (Grande Carafe, $14.99), a daily pill clip for keeping important pills close to you (Holster, $8.99), a traveling pillbox to keep weekly intake organized (Folio, $24.99), as well as a convenient pill dispenser (Shake, $12.99). these contraptions may seem ‘additional’, but they are really here to make the life a little easier and more organized for your pill-popping process.

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