the concept of bubble wrap is awesome. it keeps the goods in transit safe and sound, while it also offers a form of harmless (some said, ‘stress-relieving’) entertainment when it is done with its core duty. so it makes perfect sense to port the bubble wrap idea to protect your iPhone, but less the entertainment part (naturally) and with a whole lot of novel style (hey! look at my phone. it is bubble wrapped! how cool is it?). the Talk Bubble is an iPhone case by Fred & Friends designed in the likeness of a bubble wrap pack but only better: it is molded from soft, resilient, durable silicone to keep your precious iPhone 5 safe from harms way with its multiple air bubbles. and yes. they are real bubbles – not printed graphics – with the added advantage of being not ‘burst-able’ and hence, it will not be rendered useless and it is definitely one iPhone case that ranks high on the head-turner scale. coming this Spring with an yet to be announced pricing.

Talk Bubble - the bubble pack iPhone case by Fred & Friends

Fred & Friends via Nerd Approved

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