Aesir +YvesBehar is for the super rich, non smartphone user

Aesir +YvesBehar Phone - 18k Gold version 800x698px
Aesir +YvesBehar Phone | from €7,250.00 |

if you one of those who never got around using a smartphone for whatever reasons, then i supposed a straightforward mobile phone will appeal to you and if you are those rich folks with extremely huge pockets, then the Aesir + YvesBehar Phone is the phone for you. no fancy touchscreens or complex navigation through menus after menus, it is back to basic of mobile communication but with a (huge) touch of extravagant exquisiteness.

designed by Yves Behar, and available in either 18K solid gold or 316L stainless steel version, the Aesir +YvesBehar Phone commands a price tag of €7,250 (about US$10K) for the stainless steel version and a whopping €42,000 (about US$58K) for the gold version. to add to the exquisiteness, the +YvesBehar Phone is being made in limited qualities, “due to the specialist and labor intensive processes involved in its making.” expected delivery varies from region to region for both the stainless steel and gold version but expect it to be around summer to winter 2011.

it looks gorgeous with its minimalist clean lines, in particular, the edge-to-edge keypad which is the first in the industry. check out more awesome images of the Aesir +YvesBehar Phone after the break.

Aesir via Gizmodo

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