Shovel Master makes shoveling a less backbreaking chore

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Shovel Master | US$24.99 (pre-sale) |

using a standard shovel to do your shoveling chore tends to hurt your back after sometime. whether you are shoveling snow or sands, it’s literally a backbreaking chore. luckily we have inventor like Howard Rosenshine who came up with the idea of Shovel Master. Shovel Master is an add-on handle attachment that attaches to your existing shovel, giving you the extra leverage while enabling you to keep your back straighter. made out of bent oak with plastic grip, Shovel Master features a stainless leaf spring mechanism which provides an added power to your shoveling action.

the Shovel Master is another initiative by Quirky and it has a pre-sale price tag of $24.99. check it out at Quirky.

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  1. You can’t get it from Quirky, but the final product is available at:

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