looking for ways and means to de-clutter your home entertainment system without sacrificing any of your entertainment needs? great, then Fanhattan might have something you may want to consider: the Fan TV Set-Top Box. unveiled recently at the D11, this sleek, palm-size set-top is designed in collaboration with famed designer Yves Behar and it has only one goal: to simplify your TV watching experience. that said, the Fan TV is everything: it is a live TV, a DVR, a streaming device, and it is also a device that lets you access on-demand contents. in another word, it is a box that promised to do it all. but the greatest draw (or draws) would be its minimalist, sleek-styling that makes any set-top box like a caveman’s item and its ‘into the future’ buttonless, touch-based remote. with the remote, everything is about taps and swipes, which makes it a whole lot less intimidating than a traditional do-it-all universal remote.

obviously, this device is targeted at the American market which happens to have too many options for tube entertainment and the Fan TV will help you get around the act of scavenging for entertainment by making recommendations from friends and “insiders”. pricing and availability are still unknown at this point. but we would like to invite you to learn more with the embedded video below, or hit the source further down to visit Fan TV website for more information.

Fan TV via AllThingsD

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