nearly two and half years ago, we were awed by Mission R TTXGP, a race-ready electric superbike that took the 2011 TTXGP electric grand prix at Laguna Seca by storm, finishing the race with an incredible 39.98 seconds lead over the second place rider. that was then in the name of Mission Motors. fast forward to today, the two-year-young Mission Motorcycles is readying to unleash a road-going homologation of that celebrated prototype, dubbed the Mission RS Electric Motorcycle, by next summer for a cool $59,999. and yes. it is still the electric superbike that has enthralled us all, but now featuring the firm’s InfiniteDrive powertrain yielding 160 horses (120 kW) and 120 lb-ft (163 Nm) of torque that enables it to make zero to 60 mph (97 km/h) in less than 3 seconds and topping out at 150 mph (241 km/h).

fueling the machine is a 17 kW-h juice pack that Mission reckons would give a good 200 miles (322 km) range, though a combined urban/highway cycle would reap around the region of 140 miles (225 km). other highlights include BST carbon fiber wheels, Ohlins suspension, four-piston monoblock brakes with ABS on the rear wheel, a MissionOS-powered seven-inch resistive touchscreen, Internet-connected via LTE, turn-by-turn navigation, rider selectable drive modes (‘normal’ to ‘race’), built-in GPS, an integrated Full HD camera with telemetry data overlay, and the most amazing feature of all (well, at least to geeks): a helmet featuring built-in HUD linked to the bike’s MissionOS over Bluetooth. the future is almost here. see the RS in action and its design feature in the embedded videos below.

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