Shiny Gold Porsche Impounded For Being Too Shiny

Run in with the law for over-the-top car modifications like super loud exhaust, ridiculously big wing, for examples, are not new, but car wrap? Probably not. However, as one 31-year-old Porsche Panamera owner learned, car wrap too will land in an impound. Then again, given that the Porsche was wrapped in super-eye-catching golden foil, it shouldn’t come as a surprised.

According to a report, the owner was pulled over and told that the “dazzling effect” could be a danger to other drivers. Clearly, the police understands that not everyone wears sunglasses while they drive. Just kidding. The police didn’t say that. Anywho, the owner did not heed to warning and continued to drive the vehicle around until he was stopped again a few days later.

But this time, verbal warning it was not. Apparently, three-strike isn’t a thing in Germany because, on the second time, the keys to the car and the license plate were confiscated, and the car was towed away for good measure. On top of that, the owner was slapped with a fine. Though it is not clear how much was the monetary fine.

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At this point, the owner was informed that, unless he remove the wrap, he won’t be able to drive his car again. Ouch. Considering he had spent on the wrapped and now, got awarded a fine, this could be one expensive lesson on how not to have a loud car that attract undue attention. Personally, I thought the gold foil wrap was dope. Too bad it is not practical to other road users. I guess not everyone is Admiral General Aladeen of the fictional Republic of Wadiya, eh?

Images: Marius Roeer/dpa via Berliner Morgenpost [GR].

Source: Carscoops.