It looks like from here on and out, Xiaomi will be selling electric mobility devices under its sub-brand HIMO. There are five HIMO electric bike and electric bicycles. There’s the HIMO VI Plus, HIMO V1S, HIMO C20 and the HIMO T1. The V1 series are really compact, fit-for-trunk pedal-assist bicycles and as for the C20, it is a mid-size pedal-assist bicycle. The HIMO T1 is vastly different, though. It is more like a full-fledged electric bike with a scooter-ish vibe.

Xiaomi HIMO C20 Pedal Assist Bicycle
Xiaomi HIMO C20

Power for the C20 comes from a 250W hub motor at the rear that’s good for 25 km/h (16 mph). The electric drive is fed by a 36V 10 Ah removable battery pack that offers up to 80 kilometers (50 miles) range (or 50 km/31 miles full-electric) on a single charge (which takes 6 hours from empty to full, btw). Other details include 20-inch wheels, mechanical disc brakes, six-speed gearing, aluminum frame, IPX5 rated onboard LED display, and front and rear LED lights.

Xiaomi HIMO C20 Pedal Assist Bicycle
Xiaomi HIMO C20

The battery is cleverly integrated into the tube like the PowerTube (or was it a PowerTube? Not sure) and interestingly, it has a removable seat post that doubles as a bicycle pump. Neat. The C20 is not quite collapsible, but it does have a handlebar that folds down to reduce its size somewhat. Though it is not exactly train carriage-friendly.

Xiaomi HIMO T1 Electric Scooter
Xiaomi HIMO T1

The HIMO T1, on the other hand, is a full-on electric bike. So, yeah, it is a motorbike (or more correctly, a scooter). It is powered by a 350W motor, paired to a removable 48V 14 Ah battery, affording the T1 a top speed of 25 km/h (16 mph) and a 60 kilometers (37 miles) range.

Other details include a digital instrument display, LED headlight with dual intensity, a 5V 1A USB port, LED taillight, coil-over suspension front and back, integrated cargo rack, hydraulic front disc brake and drum rear brake, and sealed rear wheel hub.

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As for the V1, the Plus and the V1S both sports a small digital display with function buttons next to the right handle, fold down front stem/handlebar, mechanical disc brakes, and a 36V 7.8 Ah battery and an electric motor good for 25 km/h and 60 kilometers (37 miles) pedal assist and 40 kilometers (25 miles) fully electric range.

There’s also a V1 Plus City Edition that features a larger capacity battery of 36V 10.4 Ah that does a little more range at 70 km (43 mi) on pedal assistant and 50 km (31 mi) full electric.

Xiaomi HIMO range of two-wheel electric mobility is official in China’s market now. The Xiaomi HIMO V1 Plus, V1 Plus City Edition and V1S sells for 2,149 RMB (about $319), 2,599 RMB (approx. US$386) and 1,949 RMB (around US$290) respectively. The HIMO C20 goes for 2,999 RMB (around US$446) while the HIMO T1 retails for 2,949 RMB (about US$438).

Images: Xiaomi Youpin.

Source: electrek/Inc42.

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