jet skiing is a fun sport that comes with the hassle of hauling it around if you don’t want to save yourself some dock fees, but that is set to change with the BomBoard Modular Jet Ski. as you probably can tell from the product name, this watercraft is designed to be broken down so that you can stash it right in the trunk of your car and requires a relatively small space for storage. it takes less than a minute to put together or take apart the four modules that forms the whole setup and of the four parts, the heaviest would be the one with the powertrain, which weighs in at just 36 kg (80 lbs). this means it could be easily transport in any compact car without the need for specialized trailer and assembled and disassembled by one person.

the BomBoard offers three ways of riding: kneeling, standing, or a go-cart-like seated position and it boasts a top speed of 64 km/h (40 mph), which together with a lightweight design of just 68 kg (150 lbs), makes for a nimble ride with quick acceleration. in short, you are basically looking at a go-kart of the water world. however, the most attractive aspect of this watercraft is the cost of ownership. it will cost just $3,495 when it eventually reaches the market in 2015 and that amount is probably all you will need to pay, apart for the running cost such as fuel, without the need to spend on trailer or storage at a marina. it is still an expensive toy to acquire, but it is still way affordable than other personal water craft and more convenient if jet skiing anywhere where there’s water is your living philosophy.

BomBoard via Gizmag

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