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Kymera Introduces New Line Of Personal Watercraft For 2020

Kymera, one of the earliest companies to introduce electric-powered bodyboard, has some new and pretty exciting products lined up, including a jet ski-like personal watercraft called K-X2, a kayak and a surf board – all electric-powered, of course. Among the three, I must say the K-X2 is the most interesting contraption. It is not quite a jet ski and yet feels like it is one. Continue reading Kymera Introduces New Line Of Personal Watercraft For 2020

Gibbs Amphibians’ Biski Is A Motorcycle That Is Also A Jet Ski

You want to get to somewhere on your motorcycle but then there is lake standing in the way and you have to route around it like everybody else does. That’s what a normal person on a normal bike does. However, a normal person on a Gibbs Sports Amphibians’ Biski doesn’t have to cos’ this 2.35 meter two-wheeler is also a jet ski too. Yup. A jet ski. All you need to do is ride it straight into the water, flick of a switch and in less than five seconds (plus less than three seconds to get to planing), you will be on the way as a jet ski – travelling up to 37 miles an hour across the water. Continue reading Gibbs Amphibians’ Biski Is A Motorcycle That Is Also A Jet Ski

Strand Craft V8 Wet Rod Is Like The Rolls-Royce Of Jet Ski

there are 101 ways to flaunt your wealth like owning a bespoke catamaran and stuff, but being seen riding a Yamaha or perhaps Kawasaki jet ski isn’t one of them. that’s a serious woe there for the richie rich, but fret not cos’ Strand Craft has just the remedy for it and it is called, wait for it… Strand Craft V8 Wet Rod. ok, may be the name is a little, well, cheesy, but it gets the message across, though one thing the namesake did not mention is, it is actually jet ski. not a boat like we are accustom coming from Strand Craft. anyways, the V8 ‘hot rod’ of the open waters is designed to be elegant vehicle and still packs enough grunt to smoke, or should we say kick water, at your competition. you know, it is kind of like the Rolls of the sea, or may a Bentley. think you get the idea. Continue reading Strand Craft V8 Wet Rod Is Like The Rolls-Royce Of Jet Ski

BomBoard Modular Jet Ski

jet skiing is a fun sport that comes with the hassle of hauling it around if you don’t want to save yourself some dock fees, but that is set to change with the BomBoard Modular Jet Ski. as you probably can tell from the product name, this watercraft is designed to be broken down so that you can stash it right in the trunk of your car and requires a relatively small space for storage. it takes less than a minute to put together or take apart the four modules that forms the whole setup and of the four parts, the heaviest would be the one with the powertrain, which weighs in at just 36 kg (80 lbs). this means it could be easily transport in any compact car without the need for specialized trailer and assembled and disassembled by one person. Continue reading BomBoard Modular Jet Ski

GIBBS Quadski

GIBBS Quadski
GIBBS Quadski | from US$40,000.00 | www.gibbssports.com

until the day a la-James Bond Lotus Esprit Submarine car become a commercial reality, we will have to content with this equally awesome Quadski from GIBBS. the name Quadski pretty much give away what this vehicle is really about: a quad bike on land and at a push of a button, transforms into a jet ski for the water in a matter of seconds. the Quadski is equipped with a BMW Motorrad K1300 engine that pumps out 80 horses (60 kW) to the rear wheels when on land, and 140 horsepower (104 kW) when in water. Continue reading GIBBS Quadski

Zapata Racing Flyboard lets you fly Iron Man-style [video]

Zapata Racing Flyboard
(image: via Gizmag) Zapata Racing Flyboard | from €4,900.00 | www.zapata-racing.com

before Tony Stark’s fictional powered exoskeleton suit becomes non-friction, you probably can get a firsthand experience of how it will feel like to be flying like Iron Man – less the electronic gadgetry and the exoskeleton, of course. the Zapata Racing’s Flyboard created by French jet ski champion, Franky Zapata is the gear that you will need for your “fly like Iron Man experience”. it is a simple jetpack like device that directs the powerful jet water from a jet ski and output them through a pair of jet boots and hand-held stabilizers. yes, miracle is not in the order for this, thus a jet ski is necessary to push jets of water to the Flyboard and lets it soar up to 9 meters into the air. a chunky 9-meter hose connects the Flyboard to the jet ski’s main jet exit. throttle control is though the jet ski operator in tow but if you want control in your hands (or if don’t trust the anyone other than yourself), Zapata has an option to add trigger control accessible by your hands. Continue reading Zapata Racing Flyboard lets you fly Iron Man-style

Exo Concept EXO electric jet ski is sleek and eco-friendly

Exo Concept EXO Electric Jet Ski 544x298px
(image: Exo Concept) Exo Concept EXO Electric Jet Ski | from €7,290.00 | www.exo-concept.com

we might not have seen a whole lot of jet skis in our career here but from the handful that we have seen thus far, the Exo Concept EXO is perhaps the sleekest of all. the EXO bends two traditional rules of jet ski: prone to ride, instead of seated or standing, and it is earth-friendly electric powered. lets just say that on the aesthetic perspective it definitely scores for its aerodynamic low profile design and it is clad in the ever alluring carbon fiber. though i am not too sure about that prone position concept which doesn’t look like the body have any cushion to protect the rider. this sleek jet ski is equipped with quick charge batteries that juice its electric motor, which in turns powers a silent water jet propulsion system that enables it to cut through the water with a speed of between 15 – 27 knots (28 – 50 km/h). Continue reading Exo Concept EXO electric jet ski is sleek and eco-friendly