Kymera Introduces New Line Of Personal Watercraft For 2020

Kymera, one of the earliest companies to introduce electric-powered bodyboard, has some new and pretty exciting products lined up, including a jet ski-like personal watercraft called K-X2, a kayak and a surf board – all electric-powered, of course. Among the three, I must say the K-X2 is the most interesting contraption. It is not quite […]

Gibbs Amphibians’ Biski Is A Motorcycle That Is Also A Jet Ski

You want to get to somewhere on your motorcycle but then there is lake standing in the way and you have to route around it like everybody else does. That’s what a normal person on a normal bike does. However, a normal person on a Gibbs Sports Amphibians’ Biski doesn’t have to cos’ this 2.35 […]

Strand Craft V8 Wet Rod Is Like The Rolls-Royce Of Jet Ski

there are 101 ways to flaunt your wealth like owning a bespoke catamaran and stuff, but being seen riding a Yamaha or perhaps Kawasaki jet ski isn’t one of them. that’s a serious woe there for the richie rich, but fret not cos’ Strand Craft has just the remedy for it and it is called, […]

GIBBS Quadski

until the day a la-James Bond Lotus Esprit Submarine car become a commercial reality, we will have to content with this equally awesome Quadski from GIBBS. the name Quadski pretty much give away what this vehicle is really about: a quad bike on land and at a push of a button, transforms into a jet ski for the water in a matter of seconds. the Quadski is equipped with…