Ever wish that a muscle car could travel on water? Or at least a speedboat that looks more like an exotic car than, well, a boat? Well, if you do, then JetCar is your dream come true.

JetCar Sports Car Jet Ski

JetCar is a jet ski dressed up like a sports car. In another word, it looks nothing like a watercraft. There have been jet skis that look like land vehicles, such as the Quadski and the Biski amphibious motorcycle but the JetCar isn’t amphibious. It is a true blue sports car in the water.

It is intentionally designed to look like an exotic car and powered by a 1.8L 4-stroke 4-cylinder Yamaha marine engine which tops out at 65 mph (18 km/h or 35 knots). At a glance, it looks like someone has ditched a sports car in the water but the difference is, this “sports car” won’t sink.

JetCar Sports Car Jet Ski

It does not have opening doors though, for obvious reasons, and it does have mock wheels that do not actually spin. When towed behind an automobile, it looks like just another beautiful, drop-top car.

On the inside, it looks almost like a regular car too, complete with a pair of sports seats, a car steering wheel, a not-so-car-like shifter, a gas pedal, a dashboard, and more. The cockpit is further outfitted with Bose music system with Bluetooth connectivity and premium speakers. Apparently, it also has a functional wiper too.

JetCar Sports Car Jet Ski

JetCar is available to rent now for US$350 an hour stateside. For more details, you may hit up Miamielitewatersports.com. JetCar USA is also selling the entire unit too. I believe it is a built-to-order boat with prices ranging from US$36,500-US$55,000.

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JetCar was started last year in Egypt by a few friends. Since then, it has reached cities like Antalya, Dubai, and more.

JetCar Sports Car Jet Ski

Images: JetCar USA/JetCar Egypt.

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