Highland Systems Kronos Armoured Submarine

I know some of you folks almost pulled out your no-credit limit credit card for the Manta Ray UUV. But alas! It is not for consumers and also if it were for consumers, what’s the point of not being able to travel inside? So allow us to propose a practical alternative, the Kronos Armoured Submarine.

Highland Systems Kronos Armoured Submarine

Developed by UAE-based Ukrainian company Highland Systems, the Kronos Armoured Submarine is a submarine that looks like it is straight out of Jules Verne’s novels. While cigar-shaped subs are structurally efficient and more hydrodynamic, making quiet, sharp turns is not its strongest suit.

The Kronos, on the other hand, claims that it can make an instantaneous 180-degree turn at full speed. Though it is not clear if this is underwater or on water.

The Kronos Armoured Submarine, which was first presented at the Naval Defense and Maritime Security Exhibition (NAVDEX) 2023, was originally intended for ferry workers for underwater repairs and for the super-rich as a leisure craft. It was later redesigned for military operations when the Russian-Ukraine conflict started.

It now has composite material covering the steel hull for a low signature. The hull can absorb sonar hitting on it and it can be armed with 6 Black Scorpion torpedoes.

Highland Systems Kronos Armoured Submarine

Kronos is designed for up to 10 people and it can carry up to 3,000 kilograms (6,614 pounds) on water. It is powered by a diesel-electric engine with the electric engine producing an impressive 1,200 HP and 2,400 Nm (1,770 lb-ft). There is no mention of the diesel motor, so I am going on a limp to assume it is a range extender.

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On the official brochure, it was clear it was an electric vehicle with a range extender. However, it was a petrol generator. Perhaps the brochure is outdated. I don’t know.

The Kronos has a top speed of 80 km/h (43 knots or 50 mph) on water and 50 km/h (30 knots or 31 mph) underwater. It has an onboard air supply of 36 hours and it can go to a depth of 250 meters (820 feet).

It has a battery range – by hours – 18 hours. Meanwhile, generator mode offers up to 36 hours and it claims to offer a total of 54 hours in so-called hybrid mode. So it is not like regular diesel-electric subs since it can run on the IC engine. It is akin to a range extender vehicle on land.

Highland Systems Kronos Armoured Submarine

Another boon of the Kronos is that it can operate in shallow waters (15 meters or 50 feet).

If your interest is piqued, you may learn more about this futuristic underwater vessel HERE. Be warned though. Last time we visited the site, it was listed on Chrome as “Not Secure”, so visit at your discretion.

Highland Systems Kronos Armoured Submarine

Images: Highland Systems.

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