Lumos Ultra Smart Cycling Helmet

For any cyclist who cares about style and safety, you should not look ignore this new bicycle helmet from Lumos Helmet. Called Lumos Ultra, this new bicycle helmet is not only exceedingly stylish, it is also smart too.

Lumos Ultra Smart Cycling Helmet

Lumos Ultra bicycle helmet features integrated LED lighting with turn signals to boot. An included remote mounts to the handle bar allows you to easily signal you intention and if you have an Apple Watch, the turn signal can be activated simply by raising your hand (with Apple Watch on the signaling hand, of course). Snazzy.

Altogether, Lumos Ultra Cycling Helmet boasts three lights: a bright, white front light and a pair of red, rear lights with turn signal functionality.

Lumos Ultra Smart Cycling Helmet

With integrated lighting, you can most certainly ditch those prone-to-being-stolen lights on your bike.

The lights are battery-powered, rechargeable via USB-C, and provides up to 10 hours of use in between charges.

It is app-enabled too, allowing you to check on the battery status, customize the blinking pattern and what not via a companion app.

Lumos Ultra Smart Cycling Helmet

As a bicycle helmet, Lumos Ultra has passed rigorous safety standards (CPSC, EN1078, AS/NZS 2063:2008) with flying colors. If that’s not enough, it has the option to add MIPS for added protection against rotational motion, plus there’s the option to add attachable visor.

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Finally, Ultra Lumos features three large exhausts to keep hot air moving, so you head remain cool and it is IPX6 rated, so you can assure the helmet and the lighting works in any weather.

The final weight of the helmet is not firm yet, but the company estimate that it will weigh around 370g (0.8 lbs or 13 oz.) and it is available in three sizes.

Now, with all those features, you’d be expecting a 100 plus dollars helmet. Well, believe it or not. The Lumos Ultra will sell for US$99.

And if you back the product on Kickstarter, you could be scoring one for as low as US$79. Seventy. Nine. Dollars. Imagine that.

The campaign is well over its set funding goal of US$60,000 (as it stands, it has rolled in U$1.5 million). In fact, it met that funding goal in just 4 minutes. If you want one at that bargain price, make sure you act on it ASAP.

Images: Lumos Helmet.