GIBBS Quadski

GIBBS Quadski
GIBBS Quadski | from US$40,000.00 |

until the day a la-James Bond Lotus Esprit Submarine car become a commercial reality, we will have to content with this equally awesome Quadski from GIBBS. the name Quadski pretty much give away what this vehicle is really about: a quad bike on land and at a push of a button, transforms into a jet ski for the water in a matter of seconds. the Quadski is equipped with a BMW Motorrad K1300 engine that pumps out 80 horses (60 kW) to the rear wheels when on land, and 140 horsepower (104 kW) when in water. the combination of a robust motor and GIBB’s patented water jet propulsion, along with a unique hull design with HSA technology that’s both aerodynamic on land and hydrodynamic on water, enables the Quadski to hit a top speed of 45 mph (72 km/h) on both land and water. as quad bike, rider’s comfort and handling are taken care by independent coil springs and hydraulic dampers and all-round disc brakes, while a six-speed automatic gearbox regulates the land speed. come this mid-November, the first 1,000 units of the GIBBS Quadski will be ready for anyone who has $40,000 or more to splurge. so, are you one of them? hit the jump for a few more imageries, plus a video of the Quadski in action.

GIBBS Sports Amphibians via Business Insider

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