1850HP Nissan GT-R With Massive Rear Wing

Here’s a video of a Nissan GT-R that purportedly has 1850HP under the hood being pull over by a police officer. Now, there was no explanation as to why it was pulled in, then again, looking that the massive, wider-than-its-body rear wing, we can only speculate that mods were the issues – specifically, the wing. The ride is super low too and has flared fenders which looks like a wide body kit. Is this the most beautiful Nissan GT-R we have seen? Nope. Certainly not.

1850HP Nissan GT-R With Massive Rear Wing
Man! Look at the size of the rear spoiler!

I mean, the look is OK. I’d give it points for the “industrial look” though. It could have been a tasteful custom job, but the wing there really stuck out like a sore thumb. I don’t it needs that huge of a wing. Does it? But what do I know right? But I do love the riveted look on the sides. It could use a better color than silver. Maybe a grunge-look wrap? Just a thought there.

Nobody really knows what was going there. All we saw was it was pulled over and looks like tickets and money were exchanged. So, it is safe to assume it was fined, but for what? With car this “striking” attributed by the enormous rear spoiler and the ding it made in the Monaco tunnel, it isn’t surprising to see it being pulled over. Check out the said video below.

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Images: YouTube.

via motor1.com.