Xiaomi Mi Box 4K Android TV Set-top Box Lands In The USA, Priced At $69

As much as I hate to admit, I do have a thing for Xiaomi’s products, in spite of its lack of creativity and originality (until of late, that is). And why not? After all, most of its product are functional, sleek and most importantly, very affordable. The Xiaomi Mi Box 4K Android TV Set-top Box …

NVIDIA SHIELD Stakes Claim as the First 4K Android TV and it is Kind of Like a Game Console Too

It all started with SHIELD portable gaming system, then the SHIELD tablet, and now NVIDIA wants to own your living room too with a set-top box which it calls NVIDIA SHIELD. Announced at GDC last month, SHIELD (no relations to Marvel Comics’ fictional peacekeeping and spy agency) is NVIDIA’s answer to every aspect of your …

Fan TV Set-Top Box by Fanhattan

looking for ways and means to de-clutter your home entertainment system without sacrificing any of your entertainment needs? great, then Fanhattan might have something you may want to consider: the Fan TV Set-Top Box. unveiled recently at the D11, this sleek, palm-size set-top is designed in collaboration with famed designer Yves Behar and it has only one

Huawei MediaQ M310 Media Hub

these days, it seems like everyone is taking a dip into media hub, in particular, the Android-powered variety. Chinese telecommunication giant Huawei first announced their take of such device with the Huawei MediaQ M310 back at the 2013 CES last month and now, they are showing it off again at the 2013 Mobile World Congress.

Samsung HomeSync Android TV Box

Mobile World Congress may sounds like it has everything to do with mobile devices, but the Samsung HomeSync Android TV Box unveiled at the MWC this year isn’t a mobile communication device. obvious, but we are sure it will still get its fair share of attention. it might look as boxy as most media centers or media players in the market

Xiaomi Box

we have seen quite a lot of media players but as far as aesthetic goes, most of the them sticks to the safe rectangular black box. with the new Xiaomi Box, it not only looks different from the sea of media boxes but it also boast an incredible low price point of 399 RMB or about US$64. measuring a mere 4.1 inches by 4.1 inches (105 x 105 mm) and 0.8 inch (21 mm) thick, it sports…

Boxee TV

gone is the sinking cube and in comes a regular rectangular black box that says pretty much what it will do – a set-top DVR. the Boxee TV features a dual tuner that works with both unencrypted basic cable channels and over-the-air HD broadcasts. also packed inside this unassuming black box is a slick UI, preinstalled apps including Netflix, VUDU, Pandora, YouTube and…


sure. Skype on TV isn’t new, let alone webcam for TV but the telyHD from Menlo Park-based company, Tely Labs begs to differ from the rest of the lesser kind. while it is totally capable of Skype-on-TV, it is more than just a webcam placed on top of your HDTV. in fact, it is way more than that. Tely Labs wants us to think of it as a tablet that runs off your standard…

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