these days, it seems like everyone is taking a dip into media hub, in particular, the Android-powered variety. Chinese telecommunication giant Huawei first announced their take of such device with the Huawei MediaQ M310 back at the 2013 CES last month and now, they are showing it off again at the 2013 Mobile World Congress. and boy, are we glad that they did cos’ for some reason, this awesome device managed to elude us last month. measuring a mere 14mm thin and with a footprint of just 65mm by 65mm, you can easily tuck away the MediaQ behind your flat screen HDTV, but even if you don’t, this sleek device wouldn’t be any shy to be at the forefront of your home entertainment setup. the box, like the the Samsung HomeSync, essentially turns your regular TV into an Android TV.

despite its petite form factor, it is no lightweight in the hardware department. powered by a 1.5GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, it features an onboard storage of 32GB, though a microSD card slot is at hand should you be needing more digital storage space. also included are full-size HDMI input that allows you to hook up with your existing set-top box and then stream their contents to multiple devices. other features include support for Dolby and DTS audio decoding, streaming over DLNA, video chat (if hooked up to a web camera), HDMI output, USB 2.0 port, micro USB port, optical audio, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, access to Google Play store (naturally), and a consolidation function that automatically sorts and organizes files from your computers, mobile hard drives and other storage devices. no word on its availability just yet, but it is tip to cost around £100 or less when it hits the market.

via Pocket-lint

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