Sony ICF-CS51iP and RDP-X500iP Sound Docks

Sony ICF-CS15iP Sound Dock 900x680px
(image: Sony) Sony ICF-CS15iP (US$99.95) and RDP-X500iP (US$299.95) Sound Docks |

it seems to me that the market for sound dock for your iDevices is a boundless one. why do i say that? because every few weeks, we will hear some announcement for new sound docks and the latest to join the sound dock universe are these pair from Sony: the RDPX500iP, a premium, iPad compatible mode with built-in subwoofer and the successor to ICF-series of sound dock, the ICF-CS15iP. first off, i wouldn’t say aesthetic on both are stunning but you can trust Sony to dish out some pretty sleek designs for these sound docks.
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the first of two, the RDP-X500iP is one of the few sound dock in the market now that actually supports the whole range of iDevices – iPad included. it features a pair of 1.89-inch magnetic fluid speakers and 3.5-inch woofer that delivers a total of 60-W of power output. surrounding these drivers are a host of technology like Clear Phase DSP sound processing, DMC technology and Dual Passive Radiators that enables the RDP-X500iP to deliver high sound pressure levels, clearer vocals with less distortion. other features include flexible dock connector that allows docking of your iDevice without removing the case, S-Master Digital Amplification, auxiliary input for connection to non-iDevice sources and wireless remote control. the RDP-X500iP runs off AC power supply.

next in line is the ICF-CS15iP, a sound dock/bedside alarm clock combo. apart from churning out audio from your iDevice (iPod and iPhone) when docked, the ICF-CS15iP also charges it and also features dual alarm functionality that allows user to set two separate wake-up alarms and a “2-5-7 day” alarm supports independent settings for weekdays and weekends. users can chose to wake up to the music stored in their iPod, iPhone, AM/FM radio or the traditional buzzer. other features include MEGA Bass for better bass response, Mega Xpand improves your music sound field at touch of a button, flexible dock connector that allows docking of your iDevice without removing the case, auxiliary input to accommodate non-iDevice sources, and a full-function wireless remote.

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both the Sony RDP-X500iP and ICF-CS15iP sound docks are expected to hit the stores this October, but if want to secure yours, they are also available for pre-order with a MSRP of $299.95 and $99.95, respectively.

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