what are the odds of a Steam Machine fan who is also an Alienware gaming rig fan? honestly, we don’t know about the stats, but if you happen to be a fan for both, then look forward to this sleek, black box known as Alienware Steam Machine Gaming Console, coming to you later this year. developed in collaboration with Valve, the folks behind Steam and more notably the Half-Life franchise, the Alienware Steam Machine Gaming Console is designed to “deliver the benefits of PC gaming in an incredibly small footprint, providing the best balance between size, performance and aesthetics for the living room gaming experience.”

the design is sleek, but at the same time unobtrusive and won’t stick out like a sore thumb when placed in your living. the enclosure is custom-built for optimal thermal and acoustic management, and bears the hallmarks of Alienware (we are surprised it doesn’t comes in the form of an alien head, just saying…). the hardware and software integration should be breeze for Alienware since the firm has been pre-installing Steam on its system four years ago. at this point, little hard info is available, unless you are at the show floor of the CES to ‘interrogate’ the Alienware staff. on side news, the Alienware X51 desktop will be available as a Steam Machine in 2014. pricing and exact availability, plus more details will be made known when closer to launch.

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