Google Glass is sleek, but despite its slim form, it was never a good idea to wear it over your prescription glasses. why? it just look dumb having two frames, doesn’t it? and not to mention that the two frames are alien to each other, which means the fit would be nothing less than awkward. luckily there is a solution for spectacles-wearing, shortsighted folks: the Wetley GGRX Prescription Lens Adapter For Google Glass. the product name pretty much says it all: it is a clip-on that clips right onto the existing Google Glass nose piece without the need for tools. the frame is made of light, flexible, hypoallergenic and durable stainless steel and it is designed to accommodate virtually any prescription lenses.

the Wetley GGRX Prescription Lens Adapter For Google Glass is sold through Optics Planet and is available as frame-only ($99.99) for those who prefer to get their own lenses, or with prescription lenses ($149.99 and up). it is also available with sunglasses ($139.99) in gray tint, sans prescription. for those who wish to opt for prescribed lenses, the GGRX lenses come are of polycarbonate and come standard with premium Crizal anti-reflective non-glare coating to reduce glare. of course, there are other options available. head on down to Optics Planet website to learn more. the Wetley GGRX Prescription Lens Adapter For Google Glass is available now starting at $99.99.

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