Wetley GGRX Prescription Lens Adapter For Google Glass

Google Glass is sleek, but despite its slim form, it was never a good idea to wear it over your prescription glasses. why? it just look dumb having two frames, doesn’t it? and not to mention that the two frames are alien to each other, which means the fit would be nothing less than awkward.

Santa Stakeout Kit by OpticsPlanet

now that we have all grown up, we should be all aware that Santa is a folklore, a legend of sort, which becomes the figment of imagination of every child. however, if you still do believe in Santa more than Franklin Benjamin and Toys’ R Us, then the Santa Stakeout Kit by OpticsPlanet is the perfect cache of equipment

Invisible Man Kit by OpticsPlanet

since the beginning of time, invisibility has rank among the highs of man’s wants and unless you are involved in some military superpower top secret invisibility projects, the likelihood that you will ever see the light (or not see?) is next to zero. so for the mere mortals, Optics Planet has the Invisible Man Kit

Z.E.R.O. Kit by OpticsPlanet

a little less mouthful then the frictional organization S.H.I.E.L.D. behind the superheroes allegiance, The Avengers, the Z.E.R.O. (aka Zombie Extermination, Research and Operations) Kit is a whole lot more practical and useful if you happen to be a serious doomsday prepper but only if you have fairly deep pockets. costing a…