Z.E.R.O. Kit by OpticsPlanet

Z.E.R.O. Kit by OpticsPlanet
Z.E.R.O. Kit by OpticsPlanet | US$23,999.00 | www.opticsplanet.com

a little less mouthful then the frictional organization S.H.I.E.L.D. behind the superheroes allegiance, The Avengers, the Z.E.R.O. (aka Zombie Extermination, Research and Operations) Kit is a whole lot more practical and useful if you happen to be a serious doomsday prepper but only if you have fairly deep pockets. costing a bank-breaking $23,999, this kit is put together by OpticsPlanet and has everything you will need to live another day when doomsday happens and when the undead starts to roam the ground looking for tasty treats like you. it has everything that ranges from knives for close quarter combat with the walking dead, to weapon accessories for beefing up your firearms, and to protective gears that will keep you from sustaining serious injuries. all in all you will be treated with nearly 50 items that include waterproof thermal imaging camera, tactical knife, tactical watch, gun cleaning system, flashlight and LED lantern, KEVLAR gloves, hydration pack, first aid kit, pipettes and other research gear for you to find a cure to this undead madness – just to name a few. the Z.E.R.O. Kit by OpticsPlanet should be a nice addition to your nuclear-proof underground bunker. hit the jump for a product intro video that details what’s in the kit.

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