TIHK’s Newest Survival Kit Lets You Get Out Of Handcuffs. Wait, What?

I try my best to imagine the best picture for any given situation. For example, when you get handcuffed, I would imagine it may be just an incident of bedroom role-play gone wrong and not that you are a fugitive on the run. That being said, if you ever find yourself being locked down by […]

This Minimalistic Clock Is Also Your Handy Emergency Preparedness Kit

You need a clock and you need some sort of survival kit in your home for peace of mind. With that in mind, you can either get a sleek clock and a separate survival kit, or you could look to KGC Life Clock Disaster Preparation Clock Kit as a (stylish) two-in-one solution. Designed by Seoul-based […]

This Seemingly Nondescript Belt Is Like The Real-life Batman Utility Belt

Sometimes I can’t help but to think Batman’s utility belt is bullshit. Don’t get me wrong. I am a fan of the cape crusader, but it is hard for me to reconcile with the fact that those tiny pouches can have any real world use. Well, I guess I was wrong because there’s a real […]

This Sleek Tube Is Actually A Survival Kit For Surviving A Natural Disaster

Folks living in peaceful and relatively natural disaster-free regions may not understand what it takes to survive the nature’s wraths, but to Japan, it is a second nature when it comes to dealing with the inevitable unleashed by Mother Nature. In view of this predicament, hardware manufacturer Sugita Ace and design studio Nendo, both Japanese […]

Jackfish Survival Covers Your Survival Needs In And Outside The Wild

The odds of you needing credit cards when you are surviving the wild are next to zero, but that does not make Jackfish Survival’s proposal of a survival credit card holder any less attractive. On the contrary, it couldn’t be more appropriate cos’ credit cards are what you need to get through the concrete jungle, […]

Surviv-All Survival Knife Lets You Cut Cords Without Unsheathing and it Can Start Fire Too

When it comes to surviving the great outdoor, a knife is a must and we are not talking about just any knife; it is has to stand up to the rigor of outdoor usage and also, if possible, takes care of other ‘businesses’ apart from slicing and cutting. The newest to StatGear, the Surviv-All Survival […]

Santa Stakeout Kit by OpticsPlanet

now that we have all grown up, we should be all aware that Santa is a folklore, a legend of sort, which becomes the figment of imagination of every child. however, if you still do believe in Santa more than Franklin Benjamin and Toys’ R Us, then the Santa Stakeout Kit by OpticsPlanet is the perfect cache of equipment

Invisible Man Kit by OpticsPlanet

since the beginning of time, invisibility has rank among the highs of man’s wants and unless you are involved in some military superpower top secret invisibility projects, the likelihood that you will ever see the light (or not see?) is next to zero. so for the mere mortals, Optics Planet has the Invisible Man Kit

Life Is Precious Survival Kit

we hate to lift your hopes high and to subsequently burst the balloons of hope that this appropriately named survival kit, the Life Is Precious Survival Kit, is not available for purchase. regardless, it would be criminal if we don’t feature this “survival desirable.” even a non-avid camper like myself fancy this for one simple reason: i believe i got to look my best