TIHK Micro Escape Kit Urban Survival Gear

I try my best to imagine the best picture for any given situation. For example, when you get handcuffed, I would imagine it may be just an incident of bedroom role-play gone wrong and not that you are a fugitive on the run. That being said, if you ever find yourself being locked down by handcuffs, TIHK may have the survival kit you never knew you need.

TIHK Micro Escape Kit Urban Survival Gear

Called Micro Escape Kit (MEK), this survival kit is the latest addition to TIHK’s line of stylish and minimalist urban survival gear and yes, apparently, TIHK’s idea of survival is getting you out of those shackles. TBH, I was elated to learn of a new “survival kit,” well, that’s until I knew what’s going in that small, nondescript matte black container.

Inside this corded, minimal vessel are the following “essentials” that will aid you in breaking out of cuffs if you ever find yourself in one of them:

A Black Bare Minimum Handcuff Key: This is a tiny non-metallic covert universal handcuff key with carved notches for extra grip.
A Micro Escape Tool Saw: This tiny metal saw can double as a handcuff shim pick!
A Ceramic Razor Blade:This is a non-metallic razor blade made from a hard, wear-resistant Zirconia ceramic. The chisel-grind edge is perfect for cutting through rope, tape, or plastic. It also includes a lanyard hole.
6 Feet of Kevlar Trip Line: This is compatible with most trip-activated devices, or is useful for cutting through zip-ties in a pinch.
A Rod Saw: This is useful for cutting through wood, rope, and even metal bars.

TIHK Micro Escape Kit Urban Survival Gear

See what I mean? I can’t see any further use other than a bedroom role-play gone wrong, or god forbids, a fugitive on the run from the authority. In any case, it is a survival kit that is good to have because, you never know when you are going to need those tools (saying it with fingers crossed). The kit is made in the USA and it is available starting Wednesday, August 8, 2018.

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But, already, you can pre-order it over at TIHK web shop for $39. Obviously, not everyone is born to be an Harry Houdini and so, while you are at it, you may want to acquire the handcuff trainer kit to get yourself familiarize with the art of shackle unlocking. At the time of this writing, the Handcuff Trainer Kit’s price has been slashed from $105 to just $39. So, it couldn’t be a better time to pick up the art of freeing yourself from a dreadful handcuff.

TIHK Handcuff Trainer Kit

Images courtesy of TIHK.

Submitted via TIP US Page.