There’s a smartphone-controlled heated jacket and now, there’s a jacket that has a configurable lighting system AND fall detection, and it is sustainable too. The PYKRS Connected Sustainable Jacket, as it is called, may not offer smartphone control like LEVI’s trucker jacket and the Zegna Sport Icon Jacket but it is super high-tech nonetheless.

PYKRS Connected Sustainable Jacket

In addition to offering a connected heating system, controlled by your smartphone, the PYKRS Connected Sustainable Jacket further boasts a configurable lighting system for improved night visibility and fall detection.

When a fall is detected, an alert will appear on the wearer’s phone to confirm if he or she is OK. The wearer has 3 minutes to respond, failing to do so, the jacket will proceed to notify the pre-set emergency contacts via the smartphone. I don’t believe there is a jacket that does that. If so, this would be the first of its kind.

PYKRS Connected Sustainable Jacket

Aside from the tech, PYKRS Connected Sustainable Jacket is a really good-looking jacket loaded with features like cuff gaiters, a detachable hood that is helmet-compatible, a warm high neck design with a soft chin guard, fully sealed seams, fully waterproof fabric paired with waterproof zippers, and a myriad of pockets – including a dedicated ski pass pocket – just to name a few.

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The jacket has an H2O rating of over 30,000 mm and provides excellent wind protection with 0.096 ft3/ft2/min at 125 pa – all while remaining breathable. The fabric is lightweight, fast-drying, and features an Xpore membrane that is said to offers great protection against bacteria.

PYKRS Connected Sustainable Jacket

Most importantly, though, the jacket is super eco-friendly, being made from 100% recycled polyester.

If you are keen, you may learn more about the PYKRS Connected Sustainable Jacket over at the product page, or on its Kickstarter page where you can secure one for €199 and up (about US$221 or more). Do note that fall detection is only available on the high-end models, namely the PYKRS X-PRO and PYKRS PRO which cost more.

PYKRS Connected Sustainable Jacket
PYKRS Connected Sustainable Jacket

Images: PYKRS.

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