The Classic Storefront Champion Ride – 50s kiddy ride

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(photos: Hammacher) The Classic Storefront Champion Ride | US$6,500.00 |

remember those kiddy rides placed outside the storefront that gives kids of the 50s through to the 70s the one-minute thrill ride that seems to last forever? well, this good old memory is not lost after all, that’s if you have $6,500 to spare. what you see here is a faithfully restored classic storefront champion ride, originally manufactured by Bally Manufacturing Corporation, that you can actually own. now your kids or grandchildren can relive the days you had outside your local grocery stores. what’s more, there’s no coin to slot, as this meticulously refurbished example has a free-play button replacing the original coin slot. so your kids or grandchildren can ride for free at a press of a button, except that you will have foot the bill for the electricity that the built-in 110-volt electric motor has to draw.
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adding to its authenticity is the a genuine leather saddle, box-type stirrups, and reins to hasten the horse, while the built-in audio system playback an excerpt from The William Tell Overture. seriously, you can’t get any authentic than this and still look so glorious. the horse is constructed of fiberglass, while a steel base, emblazoned with “Ride The Champion” steadies the kiddy ride. i won’t say that you need to be filthy rich to own one of these but you should, at the very least, have fairly large pockets to deal with its hefty $6,500 price tag. however, to some, it may considered cheap for something from the past era that you can still own today.

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