Meridian Audio DSP3300 DSP Loudspeaker

Meridian Audio DSP3300 Digital Signal Processing Loudspeaker 900x515px
(image: Meridian Audio) Meridian Audio DSP3300 Digital Signal Processing Loudspeaker | US$tba |

Meridian Audio is a company that proves that they can keep up with modern times. it has announced a pretty sleek looking Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Loudspeaker that promised to “delivers powerful, room-filling sound with the performance of conventional loudspeaker many times the size.” placement is versatile too. it can be placed horizontally or vertically, on furniture, or mounted on the wall. under the hood, is a 85mm wide-range driver for clear audio even at high volume, a pair of 165mm bass drivers take care of the low frequency performance, and two of power amplifiers that work harmoniously with its DSP crossover system to deliver what people has come to expect from Meridian Audio. as the name suggest, it also features a built-in DSP, ensuring a clear, accurate sound reproduction even for prolong periods. we love the minimalist look and for some reason, we find a boxy gadget looks particularly alluring no matter which era they were from. no word on its pricing and exactly availability, though.
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SOURCE: Meridian Audio

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