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LG Set To Debut New Sound Bars With Google Assistant At CES 2019

LG has a lot to show off at next year’s CES in Vegas. Among them are the Capsule-based craft beer making machine and these: LG SL Series Sound Bars. Now, we do not have the numbers, but I am guessing LG’s first collaboration with Meridian Audio on its premium sound bars introduced at CES 2018 must have been quite well received because, LG and the premium British audio maker has once again teamed up to introduce a new series of sound bars, namely SL10YG, SL9YG and SL8YG, which the electronic juggernaut will debut at, you guessed it, CES 2019. Continue reading LG Set To Debut New Sound Bars With Google Assistant At CES 2019

Meridian Prime Headphone Amplifier

you have put down good money for a pair of high-end headphones, now you own it to yourself and that shiny new headphones to ensure awesome tunes come pumping through and the Meridian Prime Headphone Amplifier is one worthy candidate if you have the extra bits of dough to spare. billed as a reference-quality analog headphone amplifier, the Meridian Prime Headphone Amplifier caters to virtually all types of headphone that deliver audio from both analog and USB-based sources. the design is unmistakably Meridian, which we must admit, was the first to draw our attention to it. clad in a Allen-Boothroyd designed metal enclosure, the Prime also offers a preamplifier output for driving an external audio system or analog active loudspeakers. the chassis’s design is more than just skin deep; it features a dual-skinned design of interlocking extrusions that is said to minimize the interference to the electronics within. Continue reading Meridian Prime Headphone Amplifier

Meridian Director DAC

with digital music being the mainstay for today’s default medium, it is only logical that you would want to get the most out of it. the traditional audio jack is great, but with the device like the Meridian Director DAC (digital-to-analog converter), you would be squeezing the best audio quality possible out of whatever equipment – media players, CD players, computers – you name it. following the tradition of Meridian, the Director DAC is also handmade in the UK and provides a bridge between your digital sources and conventional analog audio system. input your sources through its USB or the Optical and Coax S/PDIF connections and it will spit out up to 24bit/192kHz conversion for your enjoyment. Continue reading Meridian Director DAC

Meridian Explorer USB DAC

we know audiophiles swear by mega-sized high-fidelity sound system but not everyday you will get to stay put in your living or entertainment where those hi-fi gears are to enjoy those sweet audiophile sound. anywhere else, we can’t advise what equipment that could replicate that audio bliss you have enjoyed but if you are at your computer, this nifty Meridian Explorer USB DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) could help. like any USB DAC, the Explorer give your computer’s measly sound card a pass and channels the sound directly via USB, offering 24bit/192kHz native conversion, separate low-jitter crystal oscillators Continue reading Meridian Explorer USB DAC

Meridian Audio DSP3300 DSP Loudspeaker

Meridian Audio DSP3300 Digital Signal Processing Loudspeaker 900x515px
(image: Meridian Audio) Meridian Audio DSP3300 Digital Signal Processing Loudspeaker | US$tba | www.meridian-audio.com

Meridian Audio is a company that proves that they can keep up with modern times. it has announced a pretty sleek looking Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Loudspeaker that promised to “delivers powerful, room-filling sound with the performance of conventional loudspeaker many times the size.” placement is versatile too. it can be placed horizontally or vertically, on furniture, or mounted on the wall. under the hood, is a 85mm wide-range driver for clear audio even at high volume, a pair of 165mm bass drivers take care of the low frequency performance, and two of power amplifiers that work harmoniously with its DSP crossover system to deliver what people has come to expect from Meridian Audio. Continue reading Meridian Audio DSP3300 DSP Loudspeaker

Meridian Audio limited edition 40th Anniversary System

Meridian Audio 40th Annivesary System 720x700px
(image: Meridian Audio) Meridian Audio Limited 40th Anniversary System | US$tba | www.meridian-audio.com

this year marks the 40th years of Meridian Audio and it is also the Ruby Anniversary between founders Bob Stuart and Allen Boothroyd’s creative partnership. celebrating this glorious occasion Meridian Audio is launching a special limited 40th Anniversary System that comprises of a special edition of its reference 808 CD and Meridian Sooloos Player, along with a pair of DSP8000 Digital Active Loudspeakers. based on Meridian’s most advanced audio system to date, each component is given an unique, distinctive and one-off paint job in a specially mixed Ruby Red finish and contrasting driver bezel. each of the unit is built from hand-selected components and sport individually-adjusted performance enhancements to even better an already stunning audio reproduction. Continue reading Meridian Audio limited edition 40th Anniversary System