we know audiophiles swear by mega-sized high-fidelity sound system but not everyday you will get to stay put in your living or entertainment where those hi-fi gears are to enjoy those sweet audiophile sound. anywhere else, we can’t advise what equipment that could replicate that audio bliss you have enjoyed but if you are at your computer, this nifty Meridian Explorer USB DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) could help. like any USB DAC, the Explorer give your computer’s measly sound card a pass and channels the sound directly via USB, offering 24bit/192kHz native conversion, separate low-jitter crystal oscillators, asynchronous data transfer, Plug and Play with Mac (driver required for Windows), direct-coupled outputs, variable line-out with full analog volume control for headphones or powered speakers, built-in headphone amp, 3.5mm audio jack, optical digital output and a touch of user-friendliness with the integrated lights to indicate incoming sample rate. all these goodies are packed into a compact, pocketable elegant metal case, hand assembled at Meridian’s Cambridge factory. you can get your Meridian Explorer USB DAC for £249 or around US$390, based on current going rate. more look after the break.

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