Here’s a custom Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP that I never dreamt of seeing: a functioning LEGO Game Boy Advance SP by Miguel aka Retro Stash Repairs. The build isn’t about sticking LEGO plates on an existing case, btw. That would bulk the device up and prevent access to the buttons. Instead, Miguel uses the LEGO elements to recreate the housing.

Working LEGO Game Boy Advance SP

Clicking bricks together the usual way also will not work as he would end up having a super thick case that would render the original shoulder triggers useless. The build was limited to the use of LEGO plates and not so much of clicking elements together but more of gluing them together.

It may not be true LEGO build in the eyes of some but hey, it looks great anyway. Plus, he’d be able to customize the exterior with other LEGO bricks which are super cool.

Working LEGO Game Boy Advance SP

The building process, however, was not a pretty sight because it involved some mutilation of the LEGO bricks which is not for the faint of heart. Dremeling was required to make space for wires and create openings for the controls and buttons.

We love how Retro Stash Repairs leverage LEGO Technic friction pin connector and LEGO pin connector plate for the hinge design. Granted that this LEGO hinge does not allow to device to close flush.

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Once the case was completed, all that was left was to install the LCD display, the mainboard, the buttons, and the battery. An IPS LCD was chosen for its thin profile which allows the upper half to be lower in profile.

It’s an awesome build that tickles my fancy because, you know, LEGO and Game Boy.

Images: Instagram (retrostashrepairs)/YouTube (Retro Stash Repairs).

via Instagram (@beyondthebricktv).

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