SMELLIT wants to add smell to your movies and games

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(photos: Olf-action) Olf-action SMELLIT Aroma Device | US$tba |

seriously, do we really need the smell senses when watching movies or playing games? apparently, French firm Olf-action thinks the smell sensory places an important part in enhancing our movie or gaming experience. yeah, right. provided that the movie or gaming scenes do not have folks pooping or decomposed bodies in them. gosh. do we really need them? anyway, this smelly gadget here, dubbed SMELLIT (not to be confused the concept that was launched years ago), is designed to add a fourth dimension to your home entertainment experience. if you are skeptical (like me) about whether the SMELLIT will ever make it into the mainstream market at all, then the following little trivial should dispel that skepticism of yours (and mine) somewhat: apparently Olf-action has already implemented this smell-syncronization system for movie theaters known as Odorvision, so logically speaking, this aroma treat (or not) might actually be a reality.
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honestly, i am not looking forward to it cos’ i am not keen in finding out how Nathan Drake smells after bashing through a jungle, nor am i interested in bathroom odor. nevertheless, it is a pretty interesting concept and in technology point-of-view, it is certainly a breakthrough. however, i love how the design of the concept smell emitting machine looks. pretty mean looking machine there, don’t you think so?

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