You may or may not know that there’s actually a hobby that involves collecting, or making, miniature food sets. Commonly known as dollhouse food sets, they are usually meant for display (like, you know, model cars and the likes), but some are actually edible. The ‘miniature food set’ you see here are edible too, but they are not dollhouse food sets; they are actually cookies made to look like miniature food sets and that’s what makes them so intriguing.

Miniature Food Set Cookies by Chikoto Kawakami
Seriously, just look at the details!

Created by one Osaka mum by the name of Chikoto Kawakami, these cookies take on the likeness of Japanese popular dishes like katsudon, ebi, soba noodles et cetera and are made of dough which is obviously what cookies are made of. And main course is not only thing Kawakami creates; she even take pain to whip up some beautiful and adorable desserts like cakes, cupcakes and ice cream too. There are some wester delights, like burger and fries, too.

Everything in Kawakami’s creations are edible, right down to the bowls and plates that contain the ‘culinary’ masterpieces. As you can imagine, each of the individual element will have to be made separately to mimic the respective real food and tableware, and eventually put together before sending them into the oven. That sure sounds like tremendous amount of work, and takes hell lot of patience and creativity. Damn. Writing this post made my stomach growl in protest and triggers my craving for Japanese Tonkatsu! So, if you guys would excuse me, I would like to adjourn to a nearby Japanese stall to satisfy my gastronomical demands.

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Here are more mouth-watering looks of Kawakami’s cookies…

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A photo posted by masako (@chi___koko) on

More cookies…

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And some more cookies…

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And, well, still cookies… amazing, isn’t it?

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Images: Chikoto Kawakami.

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