Jelly Belly Unleashes Krispy Kreme Donuts-flavored, Ermmm, Jelly Beans?

You don’t eat jelly beans with donuts, do you? Oh, wait. You do? Well then, here’s a piece of good news that is sure to brighten your day. Donuts specialist Krispy Kreme has joined hands with Jelly Belly, maker of the original Jelly Bean, to create a line of Krispy Kreme donuts-flavored jelly beans. Yes. […]

Weirdest Thing Today: Spicy Skittles And Also, Spicy Starbust

In what could be the weirdest news in the world of sweet confectionary… Skittles, a Mars’ brand under Wrigley Company, has introduced a new kind of Skittles that is, well, destined to be hot and when we say ‘hot’, do we do mean ‘spicy’. Yup. You heard that right. Spicy Skittles and Starburst is a […]

These Miniature Food Sets Are Actually Painstakingly Made Cookies!

You may or may not know that there’s actually a hobby that involves collecting, or making, miniature food sets. Commonly known as dollhouse food sets, they are usually meant for display (like, you know, model cars and the likes), but some are actually edible. The ‘miniature food set’ you see here are edible too, but […]

Why Spread Chocolate On Bread When It Comes In Slices (Like Cheese)?

If you love having chocolate spread on your bread, then you will agree that spreading that lovely cocoa-based spread on bread is isn’t the easiest thing to do in the morning. Well, while the rest of the world struggles on with this first world problem, Japanese folks are having it easy with Bourbon Nama Slice […]

Bourbon Star Wars Cookies: The Force Is Strong With These Confections

The Star Wars hype has officially reached hyper high. Why? Well, we thought the ice cream would be the last of the food family to ride on the growing Star Wars phenomenon running up the official theatrical release on December 18 (17th, for Singapore), but nope. Now, even cookies are not spared. Yep. You heard […]