If you love having chocolate spread on your bread, then you will agree that spreading that lovely cocoa-based spread on bread is isn’t the easiest thing to do in the morning. Well, while the rest of the world struggles on with this first world problem, Japanese folks are having it easy with Bourbon Nama Slice Chocolate. Instead of battling with sliced bread and spread with a butter knife, Bourbon’s Nama comes as ready slice – just like packet cheese do, so you could just unwrap a piece or two and lay it over on the sliced bread of your choice. I imagined it would take mere seconds to do so, as opposed a couple of minutes when compared to spreading.

Bourbon Nama Slice Chocolate
Melted chocolate without the mess. Now, that’s innovation!

The slice chocolate is described as “a rich and creamy confectionary that’s not as sweet as fudge, but more intense in flavor than ordinary milk chocolate,” and comes packed with five pieces in a pack with each piece measuring just 2 mm (0.08-inch) thick. Judging from the official website’s ‘recommended’ recipes, the Japanese confectionary maker has more invention ways of using and eating this wonder slice than just as an in-between for your bread sandwich. But we don’t really care. All we care is chocolate spread finally becomes chocolate slice, and we would very much to eat it like how we consumer our cheese.

Looks like the revolution is on. I shall stop my Nutella addiction until Nutella picks this up from Bourbon and makes hazel nut spread a hazel nut slice. But there’s one bad news. It looks like Bourbon Nama Slice Chocolate is only available in Japan’s supermarkets and via Bourbon’s online shop. So, I guess we are out of luck then. In case you are heading to Japan or already there, you can pick up a packet for 3,240 Yen (about US$27).

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Bourbon Nama Slice Chocolate
You won’t see partially transparent packaging like cheese though, probably due to heat issues

images via Hamusoku

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