MORF Shirt

There is no way you are going to declutter your wardrobe if you are expected to wear seven different tops for each day of the week, well, that’s until MORF comes along with this innovative 24 designs-in-one shirt that, believe it or not, offers up to 24 designs from one single shirt. To be honest, it sounds more like a magic than anything else, but the fact is it exists and it even has a US patent under its belt – one of the few shirts to ever do so, if we might add. With MORF’s invention, your seven-day week top is pretty much covered, or to be more precise, over three weeks of your fashion top needs are well covered. Each looks so different from the next that no one will ever guess that they are of one shirt. It is truly a breakthrough in the fashion industry.

MORF Shirt
Mind-boggling number designs from one shirt.

Ok, perhaps you won’t wear one shirt for the entire week – that’ll be gross, but it sure has your day of different activities covered. For example, the same shirt can see you through activities like walking your dog, grocery shopping, meeting your friends for brunch and more, all while wearing the same shirt but with a different look and cut. MORF employs a double-layer construction that allows it to change colors, cuts and looks, and takes on a minimalistic design approach by dispensing with the need for velcro, buttons, zippers and that jazz. And the best part is, there is no wrong way to wear it, so there’s no worry about wearing the shirt inside out or in reverse, because they all works.

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MORF shirt is on Kickstarter and is originally designed for women, but mid-campaign, independent designer Tamara Salem decided men are equally in need of sorting out their wardrobe, or the lack thereof, and therefore she is now offering the same versatility to man folks. If this multi-shirt tickles your fancy, you can consider pre-ordering it on Kickstarter for $49 a piece. Quite a bargain, if you ask us, considering the fact that you are technically buying 24 shirts and that’s not to mention having that “many shirts” without jamming up your wardrobe. Nothing short of brilliant, really. Continue reading to catch the MORF shirt in action.

MORF Shirt for Men
MORF is now available for men too.

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